About Us //

Funk Labs Music Publishing was set up in 1988 as a vehicle to collect the royalties of UK Bleep Techno pioneers Unique 3. 

Coming up on 27 years later and Funk Labs Music Publishing is still managing music rights, tirelessly searching out the world for monies owed to it's artists from the use of their musical productions. 

* We manage publishing rights on behalf of composers and lyricists (through direct publishing agreements) and on behalf of other publishers (i.e. sub-publishing deals).

* We manage recording rights on behalf of record labels.

* We manage performer's rights on behalf of the artists that perform on recordings.

On all these fronts, we follow the same global strategy:

* We are members of the collecting societies in many countries.

* We register all tracks/works with all those societies.

* Most of the processes to do this, through Funk Labs, are automated. This increases speed, correctness and completeness which, in turn, increases the amount of money coming back from those societies 

* We submit all music to various audio fingerprinting companies, in particular the ones that report airplay to one or more collecting societies. This improves airplay detection, which increases the money from the societies even further.

note: with audio fingerprinting, we send everything in which we represent at least some rights, even if we only represent one session musician on a particular recording.

* We have direct blanket licensing agreements with many companies that use music. That covers jukeboxes, background music systems, in-flight entertainment systems, compilation album outfits, etc.

note:  In dealing with the collecting societies, we can deal with almost any combination: publishing-only, recordings-only, both sides, co-writes, etc.

* As possible new income streams emerge for Writers & Producers, we actively pitch music for synchronisation into TV, film, games and advertising, piped direct to the music supervisors, mostly in the US and the UK.

If you would like to know more about Funk Labs Music Publishing and how you as a Producer/Writer might benefit, email: edzy hat funklabs dot kcomm