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OSND006 | Rhythmatic - Headz

Originator Sound

Catalog ID: OSND006

Publish Date; August 29,2016

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Published by Funk Labs Music Publishing & Sync.

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Headz (Travino remix)



Headz (Cakeboy remix)




OSND005 | Original Boywonder - Future Works EP

Originator Sound

Catalog ID: OSND005

Publish Date:August 22,2016

Press Release:

Published by Funk Labs Music Publishing & Sync.

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OSND004 | Mark Archer - In The Presence Of Beauty

Originator Sound

Catalog ID: OSND004

Publish Date:June 06,2016

Press Release:

Mark Archer started his production career in 1988 when, along with Dean Meredith, he ventured up to the newly opened Blue Chip Studio's in his hometown of Stafford.

Starting off as a hip hop/sample house group called Rhythm Mode D, they recorded a few tracks for the studio's own label before branching out with different styles including acid house and techno amongst others.

Archer was a founder member of Bizarre inc... before starting up a new project under the name Nexus 21 who had a string of releases on renowned labels such as Network and R&S Records (and were famously the first artists to receive a remix by the legendary Carl Craig on their ‘Still (Life Keeps Moving)’ single). At the same time, Mark began a side project, which was to become one of the biggest names in rave history:

Altern 8...

Mark returns, on his own label ORIGINATOR SOUND, (a label he co-owns with members of LFO, Rhythmatic, The Forgemasters & Unique 3)

'In The Presence Of Beauty' is an ode to the woman who will become Mark's wife next week and the remix duties fall on stable mate 'Canada High' who is creating quite a name for himself lately and who delivers a fat-as-you-like version for your audio delight.

Published by Funk Labs Music Publishing & Sync.

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OSND003 | Unique 3 - Reconnoitre

Originator Sound

Catalog ID: OSND003

Publish Date: January 16,2016

Press Release:

Unique 3's first offering on the new ORIGINATOR SOUND label (co-owned by Unique 3, LFO, Altern 8/Nexus 21/Forgemasters/Rhythmatic) It comes in the form of a 3 track EP of dark, tough cuts from the man Edzy himself.
... where DO we pull these track titles from?! ...
'Bio Similar' was a term included in a medical news piece. That article was called upon in the studio to draw those deep and dark references that only the music here can properly relay. The track, dressed in white tech coat and safety goggles, almost nods back with affection to musical influences long past.
'SIP9' is a reference taken from a completely off world, a world where nothing really makes any kind of real sense and the people there are so VERY poor that all they really have is money.
The third and last track here - 'The Highs And Lows' is a homage to that creative spirit that feeds our souls as it ebbs and flows and to those creative souls that we have lost, that have left us too soon, their work unfinished.

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mr nex

OSND002 | MR.Nex - 4KL

Originator Sound

Catalog ID: OSND002

Publish Date: December 14,2015

Press Release:

Published by Funk Labs Music Publishing & Sync.

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solitaire g

OSND001 | Solitaire Gee - Slumberland (The Originators Versions)

Originator Sound

Catalog ID: OSND001

Publish Date: October 26.2015

Press Release:

Published by Funk Labs Music Publishing & Sync.

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The Originators

Published by: 
Funk Labs
o dear FullSizeRender-2 FullSizeRender



“Reality is an illusion created by a lack of alcohol.”
~ N.F. Simpson

"Are you guys in a band or something?" said the painfully pretty barmaid.
The questiion wasn't really aimed at any one of us in particular, it was a mid-pint pulling question that she had simply lobbed into the middle of us, like an unpinned grenade.
One of us, I can't quite recall who, did the best he could, that day, to answer the question for all of us and to make some sense (for the barmaid) of the fact that we had had two photographers recording our every mouthful of alcohol for the last two hours or so.
By the look on her face, "No, we ... are ... all ... kinda ... in ... a ... band … erm … seperately", didn't really clear anything up for her but that really WAS the best answer that our 'designated answerer’ could muster up - actually confusing the situation even more.
As the day rolled on, and 5 old friends dug even deeper to share memories of music and clubs past, the question that the barmaid with the questioning eyes had  left hanging much earlier that day had positioned itself front and foremost on every one of the 5ive’s musical minds.
"Can you imagine if we WERE in a band together" someone joked, “Yeh!” someone else pitched in, adding .... "imagine the live show we could put together!”
By the end of that meeting, the first meeting of a group of old musical friends who hadn't seen each other for many a long year, the future of Old School had been reborn.
Winston Hazel (The Forgemasters) Mark Archer (Altern 8/Nexus 21) Gez Varley (LFO) Mark Gamble (Rhythmatic/T-CUT-F/Krush) Edzy (Unique 3)
Recording together now as: 'The Originators 
Live stage show featuring anthems old and new coming soon.